Orthopedic surgery was much different 50 years ago when Dr. Lowell Stonecipher founded West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic. Major fractures were treated for weeks in traction or for months in heavy plaster casts. Arthroscopy, MRI and robot-assisted joint replacement surgery did not exist.

Since then, West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic has grown to become one of the most well respected and highly specialized orthopedic clinics in Tennessee. We have 13 clinics throughout the region, as well as an Ambulatory Surgery Center attached to our Stonebridge location in Jackson where patients receive same-day procedures that allow them to recover at home.

Our 34 providers – which include 20 physicians, 11 nurse practitioners and three physician assistants – offer the most advanced orthopedic specialty care available anywhere. Our surgeons are board-certified and have completed post graduate Fellowships or have additional certifications in Sports Medicine, Traumatology, Hand Surgery, or Shoulder and Elbow Reconstructive Surgery. We’ve expanded our expertise to include fellowship-trained physicians specializing in Interventional Pain Management.

Our sports medicine programs provide coverage for most of the area high schools and several universities. Our physical therapy departments work with patients throughout the region to help them return to their daily routines.

Our commitment to our patients is this: The progress of the last 50 years will not represent a plateau on which to rest, but a foundation on which to build the future for the next 50 years.